Barbershop Chats

"The barbershop is our space for therapy. Its filled with wisdom, knowledge and insight that you won't hear anywhere else." 


Barbershops are a trusted staple in the  to discuss personal and public issues, ranging from family, sports, health, money, and other lifes happenings. Now, add future leaders in the room who all have great insight but not access to funds for weekly grooming and you have peer to peer mentoring and safe and healthy debates. By providing free haircuts from barbers with over 75 total years of experience,  "Barbershop Chats" is an intimate, yet safe space for our young men to have the opportunity to discuss anything they desire while getting a free grooming experience.  


In the last four years of Barbershop Chats, we have serviced 4,000 youth. Our collaborative partnerships with local community organizations and national organizations like the My Brothers Keeper Alliance, we have created a brand that gives have the rapport to utilize our services and experience for our young men open dialogue setting where they can be expressive, have a voice and also provide peer to peer support.


Our longterm goal is to help barbers to create the space where open and honest conversations are taking place in any shop across. Barbershop Chats helps support local barbershops by providing information and links to community resources that barbers can share with families. When families  have a trusted place to connect with accurate and supportive information on ways to address the needs in their lives, they can better support their children and families, helping to build stronger, healthier communities.


"What's Good Bruh?" Call Line

MMHE has 200 young leaders in college and career tracks nationally. Colleges range from The University of Michigan, Kentucky State, Morehouse College, Shaw University, Tennessee State University and many career endeavors like Tesla, Johnson Controls, Proctor & Gamble and so on..... Thats a lot of keeping up with each and every one of our scholars.


So what we have created is a pipeline support program where mentees can come home to their perspective schools and volunteer their time to speak about their college experience or career during an assembly or to a specific class of the schools choice.  We have created a bi-weekly conference call where we discuss anything that the young men deem important to discuss as a group and sharing of information, insight and knowledge. These calls are simply the space to check in and to gain insight from one another, and an opportunity to hear a different perspective from their own, at many times, we all need. Any if further dialogue needs to happen following the call, our staff will schedule time to support our scholars with needed information and materials or resources. 

"Project Pinstripe" Suit Project


We understand the importance of making a lasting first impression and the necessity for a nice tailored suit. This can help with self esteem, professionalism and the need to have one in preparation for a presentation, job interview, and even just "because". With a few of our partners in the haberdashery business, we have collaborted to get their clients to donate their gently worn or used suits, blazers, shoes, shirts, ties and belts and we take them to get them dry cleaned and will have them tailored specifically to fit the needs of a young scholar in need. We have been of support to over 2,000 young men and will be doing more to support this professional opportunity. Its amazing what a suit will do for our youth and the impression that it makes on others.